How To download online videos?

Welcome to FOVD: Free Online Video Downloader, the premier online destination to effortlessly download videos at zero cost! Pursuing a rapid download avenue? Aim to convert online videos to formats like .mp4, .flv, and beyond? Look no further!

Simply install our chrome extension and your desired video can be downloaded in a matter of seconds.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. After downloading our Chrome extension, the extension will automatically scan for any downloadable video on the site you are visiting. When it detects a video, the icon will change from a red icon to a green icon as seen in the image below:
    Red Extension Icon indicating no video available for download Green Extension Icon indicating video(s) detected and available for download

  2. You may choose to click the extension icon, which would show a popup as seen in the image below:
    Popup Image

    You may choose to rename the video file prior to download.

    After which, you can choose to preview the video first by clicking on the Play button, which will open up a media player in the popup and play that video. Alternatively, you can simply press the download button to begin the download process.

FOVD: Free Online Video Downloader

Welcome to FOVD: Free Online Video Downloader, effortlessly download videos at zero cost!

Discover the magic of hassle-free video downloading, devoid of cumbersome software installations or pesky account sign-ups. Step into the world of FOVD: Free Online Video Downloader for Chrome—a tailored, cost-free solution that empowers you to secure your online video delights for offline indulgence.

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